Top 10 DIY Body Butters

diy body butters

As fall is approaching here in the U.S.A. I personally reach for body butters. They are so much more moisturizing than regular lotion. I use them at night after a body scrub and use a pretty heavy hand. Body butters can be a  bit pricy… why not make your own DIY Body Butters to save some money and save yourself from dry skin…

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DIY Fake Nails

diy fake nails

I was never the girl who was never had fake nails. I remember in highschool seeing girls with freshly manicured (acrylic and gel) nails on a weekly basis. Now, in high school I worked 2 jobs while playing sports and participating in the fine arts program. Those nails were either going to be too expensive, ripped off, or destroyed by the harsh painting chemicals we used.

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