How I Am Living Off $15 An Hour

College is supposed to provide you the training and tools to get a good paying job with benefits. But I ended up living off of $15 dollars an hour… And even $14 an hour!

That was not the case for me. A series of choices and event led me to working for $15 and even $14 an hour in Boston, MA. One of the most expensive cities in America.

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I learned NOTHING in College and what I am DOING to CHANGE that.

**You can read┬áSebastien Turbot’s article here.**

College is supposed to be the time of your life to learn, to foster, to grow. Sure I learned some things in college – only drink clear alcohol with plenty of water to never wake up with a hangover, I learned about self appreciation and motivation, I learned about love and heartache. What I didn’t learn was anything about having a career you love and to acquire the skills you need both for a job and as a functioning adult.

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