The 30 Day Minimalism Challenge

30 day minimalism

Minimalism? Like living without stuff?

Well not exactly…

I came across minimalism when searching for more ways to cope with my depression and anxiety (you can read more about my journey here). Here’s what I learned about what minimalism really is:

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Top 5 Books To Read Before Starting A Blog

top 5 books to read before starting a blog

Blogging can be a science in itself. There are many things to consider such as social media, analytics, posts, pages and so much more. I started a blog 4 years ago and got no where with it since I didn’t do my research and assumed people would flock to my lackluster content and inconsistent posts. I started doing some research and realized that there is so much more to blogging. I have read about 20 books on blogging but there are my top 5 books to read before starting a blog. They will give you a solid base on what blogging is, how to start a blog, content, and beyond.

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How I Got Healthy Hair In 1 Week.

healthy hair

Healthy hair has always been elusive for me. I was born with a crown of curls which have been almost like a crown of thorns. I remember my mother not knowing how to brush, style, or even remove those oh so popular barrettes back in the 90’s.  I have chopped, burned, dyed, and chemically treated my hair to “look” a certain way. Most of the time it just looks worse. Recently I have decided to not work against my natural hair but to work with it and get my hair healthy in as little as one week. Below are the tips and tricks I used and worked.

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101 Uses for Coconut Oil

uses for coconut oil

Coconut oil has been used for centuries and just lately has been featured all over the place from Youtube to Pinterest. Coconut oil uses extend beyond the kitchen and works perfectly for beauty hacks, cleaning tricks, and has tons of health benefits. See below for 101 uses for coconut oil:

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I learned NOTHING in College and what I am DOING to CHANGE that.

**You can read Sebastien Turbot’s article here.**

College is supposed to be the time of your life to learn, to foster, to grow. Sure I learned some things in college – only drink clear alcohol with plenty of water to never wake up with a hangover, I learned about self appreciation and motivation, I learned about love and heartache. What I didn’t learn was anything about having a career you love and to acquire the skills you need both for a job and as a functioning adult.

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Motivation and Choices – How To Use Motivation To Make Strategic Life Choices

I was reflecting the other day over my life choices. Funny how things align in life in the most unexpected ways. I then thought how motivation and choices are tightly intertwined but no one ever talks about it. How motivation is the engine while choices are the drive. Without either surely something will fail down the road of life. First what I thought of was what was behind my motivation.

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