Hi I’m Nicole.

I have struggled a lot in my life but I made a oath at 14 years old that I would live my life intentially and focus on what is most important (recovering from depression, spending time with family, art, laughing, beauty and DIY).

I graduated in 2015 and now live in Boston and work in Finance but that’s not exactly what the plan was… I wanted to be an artist, open my own studio and then the real world came into view and I steered straight onto the other road… Corporate America. Now I am pursuing a career in UX Design and couldn’t be more thrilled. I will be setting up my design website soon!

You can read more about my career journey here.

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I started The Brown Eyed Bostonian in 2011. With some time and research, I found what I am truly passionate about: mental health and intentional living. 

Some of the projects I have lined up are:

Graduate school

Living a minimalist lifestyle

Healthy living

and so much more…


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