How To Adult In Your 20’s

So as I sit here at 3 AM in the morning, I finally figured that I should keep up with this blog. I have a voice, sometimes I think its an interesting one and thought that with all these life changes that I have swirling around me, maybe I can help someone whose in a similar boat.

Within the last year I have:

  • Lost the most important person in my life.
  • Been through major depression and equally major happiness.
  • Switched careers.
  • Went back to school.
  • Gained and lost 15 pounds of fat.
  • Moved to a new apartment.
  • Had a major health scare.

I’m going to be honest here, I’m having a quarter life crisis. And I’m going to document it as real and as raw as possible. Adulting is hard and I don’t feel like the person I used to be and hopefully I can discover her again, in front of whoever reads this.

There will also be some fun parts:

  • Food and health
  • Mental health and self care
  • Organization and money management
  • Beauty and skincare
  • DIY

This blog is going to be me, and not what I try to be in front of the world. I need an outlet – this is it. No more anxiety over “Do my photos look right?”, “Will people like what I say?”, “Am I doing all the social media, SEO and graphics correctly?” “Man, look at that person’s body, life, dog, makeup.”

FUCK IT, I’m going to even curse, cause that’s what I do. If we’re getting really honest, I’m up right now from some bad side effects from this new medication I’m taking for anxiety. FUCK IT.

So as I am procrastinating from doing homework and work work, fog brained as hell, and have some rough indigestion, I hope you can get a feel of how raw this blog will be: as raw as my esophagus on this terrible medication (PS: my doctor will be hearing how miserable I am in the morning).


Thank you for your support, whoever you are.


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