Healthy Living Transformation – 3

Week 3 of my Healthy Living Transformation: I don’t even feel the need to count. I read an amazing book called “Anti-Cancer” which has really enforced my healthy eating and eating to reduce inflammation. I am super inspired right now and feeling great. I am a bit bloated from my stomach issues/not eating super clean this weekend. I doubt this coming weekend will be another one of those weekends where I eat healthy as well since I am going back to my boyfriend’s and going to my cousin’s wedding back home in CT.

I have struggled a bit this week in terms of time and eating. When you don’t have time you cannot properly eat. I am thinking I am going to have to dedicate more to this front.

My Overall Week: 

The beginning of the week was mediocre. I am still feeling quite ill from whatever my body is going through and I’m trying to keep up with the healthy eating and self care. In my next post I will discuss what really is happening to my body. Anxiety is still at a high and my paranoia from being sick all the time is weighing on me as well. I wish there was a simple solution to this 2 month long problem.


Mental Health: 


My mental health is continuing to improve, though I feel like I am back into the constant paranoia of what my future will bring.

Physical Health: 


I am continuing to see great results with healthy eating and interval styled workouts.

Have you ever been sick for months at a time and doctors couldn’t figure out why? 

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