How I Am Fixing My Skin

When I turned 24, my skin turned about 80. I see all these new lines, indents, freckles, hyper pigmentation and bizarre acne flares bust out all over my face – my skin is more disastrous than the roads here in Boston.

I picked apart my skin – metaphorically and physically. And yes down the line when I have my finances more together, I will be getting some work done. FUCK IT.

What I am doing right now is prepping and preventing, which has had some amazing results in itself. What has truly help my skin is following a Korean skincare regiment, known as the 10 Step System.

My skin used to be an oil slick – just not as pretty as the ones you see in the parking lots of Walmart after a good storm. It feels like literally overnight, my skin has become more oil/dry combination. During this summer, I noticed that my skin was predominately oily, now that its becoming colder, more dry. I recently invested in a few products that have really impressed me, and I plan to try out some more.

What is a Korean 10 Step Skincare System?

I started heavily watching some youtubers in Korea who were predominately focused on skincare. Their skin is literally flawless. So I invested in some books, some of my time into youtube, and reading extensively reviews on Memebox.com.

The steps go alittle like this:

  1. Oil cleanse
  2. Water cleanse
  3. Exfoliate
  4. Toner
  5. Sheet mask
  6. Oil
  7. Ampule
  8. Moisturizer
  9. Heavy cream
  10. Sun care

These steps do not need to be followed every single day, but the order relatively stays the same. For example I use a sheet mask about 3 times a week, especially when my skin is having a moment.

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