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Health Living Transformation – 2

Officially Week 2 of my Healthy Living Transformation. Last week you might remember mentioning that the scale wasn’t budging past 118, I am so happy to announce that my weigh ins have been around 117. I did end up eating some grains since I was tight on time for prepping food but overall I am not craving sugary and carb heavy junk foods. I can’t lie though, I had a minor infection some weeks ago and I am still feeling “off”. Not sick but “off”. So I am a little worried about that so I am digging into some research about Ph balanced foods as well as super foods. Once I find out some good information I will post about it.

My Overall Week: 

The beginning of my week started on a high. I was prepped for the week and ready to go. Monday after work I met up with one of my old coworkers who I became good friends with and ordered a cobb salad with lobster and dressing on the side. There are ways to eat healthy while out with friends. And we didn’t order drinks! Tuesday was more of a mess for me. I couldn’t get to my breakfast so I picked up an egg bowl from B.Good. I was a bit disappointed in myself because it had quinoa and queso fresco but not the end of the world. I am just trying to actively avoid grains and dairy as much as possible. After work was a busy moosh of things: I went out to sushi with my old roommates and stopped by at my undergraduates’ alumni event then rushed over to go to my Screen Based design class. I did have a vodka soda with dinner and weirdly enough, I wish I didn’t order it. It was so tough to drink.

What really set things into a tail spin was Wednesday early morning, I started dry heaving randomly then fell asleep, woke up late and felt like something was off. I was feeling pretty acidic and not normal so I worked from home and went to the doctor to find a solution. There are a few things you should know about how tramatic it is for me to go to the doctor’s:

  1. I’m terrified of heights
  2. My doctor’s office is on the 2th floor of a giant office building downtown
  3. I instantly feel like I’m going to pass out when stepping into an elevator

So as soon as I saw her. The tears started welling up from a combination of fear and anxiety. She once again suggested therapy and medication which I have had not too many good solutions come out of. Then I am still dealing with my health scare in which we did another round of tests for. Just not what I wanted.Thursday morning came and was unproductive… Still feeling unwell I just did light steady cardio at the gym and went to work. The sick feeling carried into the weekend but I was with my boyfriend and his family. I am not the type of person to try to make others conform to my diet, I would rather try to eat healthy when I can and accept the generous hospitality. So I ate a combination of my inflammatory/heathy diet as well as pizza and other cheese topped meals. My stomach surprisingly didn’t bloat as much as I thought it would nd my energy levels were still at a high functioning level. I’m thinking if I eat 80% healthy and 20% I let myself have a few things outside that realm my body will do much better if I just didn’t eat well at all.

My symptoms with my stomach/hormones/whatever they are… are still continuing into the third week.


Mental Health: 


My mental outlook is much more positive than week 1. I have higher energy levels, a slightly more positive outlook when I find my thoughts wonder and I am trying to stay in the moment. I am quite anxious about my health and the symptoms that have been popping up. I am trying to combat those feelings constantly but they are improving with time. I am trying to learn to say “not today negative thoughts”and let them drift away.

Physical Health: 

I feel like a new person after loosing a lb. Just joking. But in reality: being only 5 feet tall, 1 lb is like 7 lbs for a taller individual. I have noticed my stomach tighten up significantly around my rib cage as well as the fat around my hips has been shrinking. I am, though, constantly sore from mixing both weights in HIIT instead of focusing on just weights.

Even though my stomach/hormonal issues are putting a damper on my spirit, they haven’t affected my drive in the gym too much as well as my eating. In the past I would eat what I wanted “because I was sick”. Now I don’t even think about it.

What have you done in the instance of having a health scare? 

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