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Healthy Living Transformation – 1

It’s been my first week of my Healthy Living Transformation! It went surprisingly swell and learned quite a bit during this first week. These series of Healthy Living Transformation series are going to be weekly postings about how I am trying to transform myself mentally and physically. I am going to be extremely candid with this process and I plan on sharing the good, bad and the weird.

My Overall Week: 

My week started off on a low. I decided to start a medication for anxiety (which I will go into detail in a future post) and it caused extreme insomnia. I was at the point where I was so anxious and sleep deprived that I needed to take a day off from work. I would much rather take a day off from work and come in refreshed then come in looking unprofessional. After that day my anxiety and sleep return to normal levels.

I also had some good parts: I got a lot of work done at my full time job (I will also post about how I changed my career) and also was able to get my first vlog completed. Of course I already want to completely change it and edit it down but it’ll stay relatively the same.

Aside from that, I was able to help some friends from my graduate program navigate American job interviews and culture. Coming from an Italian American family, I have always taken pride in helping others especially in such a confusing and mis-matched society.

Mental Health: 

I hit a huge low during the beginning of the week: I was anxious, I was depressed, I was desperate for sleep. After getting a well needed nights rest, I felt like my anxiety and depression where back to the levels that they normally are at: manageable. I believe working on eating healthy and natural food has done wonders in just a week’s time as well as pairing it with exercise.

What really made my week memorable was being able to help someone and have some social time in that sense. There is no feeling on the planet like that you are helpful. My friend from school texted me out of the blue asking about my job search and classes I was taking this quarter. I told her that I had a lot of success recently and offered to meet her at the local coffee shop near where we both are located. She brought her friend and I was able to answer all their answers about proper wording, resume reviews, interviews and american culture (they are both from China). After she sent me a huge text message thanking me and asking to meet up again. It reinforced the feeling that I am a decent person and that I matter.

Physical Health: 

The whole “let’s feel like absolute garbage” faded within 2 days and then I was able to return to a proper exercise schedule. Surprisingly,I was able to easily keep the my eating up. Tons of fresh fruit, veggies, fish and meat were on the menu and I barely craved bread or sugar. I have decided to no longer count calories, to no longer count macros and to eat according to eat according to what my body is craving. I have noticed that I am starting to lean out even though the scale isn’t budging at 118 lbs.

I have also started changing up my exercise routine and incorporating more HIIT. I notice this has the biggest slimming effect overall. I will also post regularly about my fitness journey regularly here and also do a more detailed post in the future (if you couldn’t tell I have a lot of posts to plan out).

I have always been a “fit” person; my mother’s side are all marathon runners, I have been involved in multiple sport programs since the age of 5 and even played soccer and lacrosse competitively in high school. That all dwindled down in college and completely faded away when I got a job in finance. Working 80 hours a week isn’t really conducive to living a healthy life. The weight quickly packed on while I was on an depressant and finally said “SCREW IT” to both of them. Now I am getting reantiquated with dieting, fitness, overall health and happiness.

Were you always a health nut? Or starting focusing on living a healthy life recently? 

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