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Morning Routine For Success (Free Download)

My morning routine has changed drastically in the last year. I went from being a college student, to working a full time (and underpaid) job, to working an insane amount of hours at a new job, to quitting that job, to taking on a temp job until I start graduate school. For the time being I have found a morning routine that will make anyone feel prepared and ready for a successful day.

I started planning out a morning routine since making a plan, life with depression much more tolerable (here is an excellent guide on depression and planning).

I personally am obsessed with blocking out time throughout my day with on my google calendar so that I can give myself a rough overview of how my day is going to look below.

I made up this worksheet to identify what I needed to get done, how long it takes, if it needs to be done at home or could be completed on the go, and (my favorite part) to check it off when it’s completed.

morning routine

Here’s what mine is looking like these days:

morning routineWhat’s your morning routine looking like? Let me know in the comments below!


morning routine


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