diy fake nails

DIY Fake Nails

I was never the girl who was never had fake nails. I remember in highschool seeing girls with freshly manicured (acrylic and gel) nails on a weekly basis. Now, in high school I worked 2 jobs while playing sports and participating in the fine arts program. Those nails were either going to be too expensive, ripped off, or destroyed by the harsh painting chemicals we used.

Then, once I started working full time in finance, having fake nails was a sign that you were put together. Often we were asked to look “polished” which literally entailed putting on gel nail polish. My fake nails cost about $35 every 2 weeks, which is a pretty penny now that I am not working. I thought there must be an easier way… And there is… DIY FAKE NAILS:

I found these three DIY Fake Nails tutorials which seem stupid easy. I will be trying this out for myself, but figured why not share this knowledge with my lovely readers. Enjoy the savings!

Below is a list of “materials” you’ll need for these DIY Fake Nails:

Kiss 100 Count Full Cover Oval Nails
Nail Glue
10 Pack Professional Nail Files Washable Double Sided Emery Board 100/180, 120/240, 180/240 Grit
Onyx Professional 100% Acetone Nail Polish Remover 16 oz
Nail Polish Of Choice

diy fake nails


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