The 30 Day Minimalism Challenge

30 day minimalism

Minimalism? Like living without stuff?

Well not exactly…

I came across minimalism when searching for more ways to cope with my depression and anxiety (you can read more about my journey here). Here’s what I learned about what minimalism really is:

Minimalism is to live a life of intention, to find freedom from clutter and things that you do not need, and to focus on your health rather than your possessions.

Studies have shown that the amount of possessions you own correlates to the amount of stress you have! So I thought to myself, “why not try this?”.

Minimalism isn’t for everyone, yet everyone can live a minialistic lifestyle to a degree that they want. I personally have some small items in my life I would run into a burning house for (they have been in the family for decades) but I do have other things that I do not need AND do not want.

30 day minimalism challenge

So where to start?

After hours of research, I thought a 30 day minimalism challenge would be the best way to start. I have complied a day by day challenge that is simple, not overwhelming, and allows anyone to follow minimalism to any degree they desire.

Download the 30 day minimalism challenge below:

30 Day Minamlism Challenge

I will be updating you all on the challenge on this post, day by day. So keep following to see the clutter and (hopefully) stress fly out the window!

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