The Men’s Product That’s Changing Makeup – Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

For about a year now I have witness this product explode all over the internet, starting from Nikkietutorials on youtube and moving to the traditional beauty blog scene. At first I was thinking while witnessing these girls slather on a highly cologned product, “What kind of sorcery is this?”; their foundation stayed put and even looked flawless.

After browsing the isles at Target, I decided to pop over to the men’s shave area to pick up this bottle of magic. There were two different options, Nivea Men Original Replenishing Post Shave Balm and Nivea Men Post Sensitive Shave Balm but I opted for the sensitive one thinking that the original would have more foreign ingredients and perfumes. After opening the paper outer packaging, the bottle came in a neatly designed, high quality glass bottle with minimal branding… Just how I like all my beauty products. And for $8.27, I was expecting a lot less quality. One thing we do need to talk about is the smell: you will smell like a man, but only for a minute. The consistency (after getting over the man smell) as a bit towards the watery side but once applied the product turns tacky and packed with moisture. The reason why  the skin feels tacky after a few minutes of rubbing it into the skin is because of the glycerin, and if your into any kind of makeup glycerin is your new best friend that your secretly jealous of.

Once I slathered it on and did my daily (drag) makeup, wow did my skin look flawless! It was moisturized and glowing. One thing I do have to admit that I am unsure if it is this product or my foundation but slowly the oil came back into my life and my face looked like a gan of gasoline. I am going to get to the bottom of it but nothing a little powder didn’t fix! That being said I would not say this is the “end all” primer/moisturizer but at under $10 it is cheaper than any other primer I can think of. I think during the colder months this would work better for me and my oily skin but as it is spring I’ll have to have some setting powder near by. As for now I’ll see if this product becomes a stable and write an update in the near future.

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nivea men sensitive post shave balm

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