NYC Liquid Liner in Pearlized Black

Recently, I have gotten a bit bored with my usual Bobbi Brown Gel Liner and thought a liquid liner would work a bit better without the tugging and pulling gel can give after a few weeks of exposure to air. I grabbed a tube of this NYC Liquid Liner at a recent Target adventure, and yes I call them Target adventures because we all know that you leave Target with way more than you were ever planning on buying. I got home, immediately ripped open the packaging and slapped on a winged eye to learn that I got the “Pearlized Black”. The thing is, I’m not really disappointed.

nyc liquid eyeliner tip

The liner glided on smoothly and was very easy to control. The applicator is sort of skinny long bristles that some how all stay together and create a smooth line without any streaks.

makeup day 1

The Pearlized finish isn’t glittery and chunky, its actually more like a slight silver shimmer over its jet black color. As for wearing the liner the story continues on to be good, once dried the liner would not budge but came off fairly easily with a makeup wipe. And not to mention it lasted all night of New Years Eve festivities into the morning when I woke up and realized I had my entire drag-fab face on. Overall this product did live up beyond my expectations (and I mean for under $3 you can’t really complain) but I do want to go back and grab the regular black liner during my next adventure.

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