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How I Am Living Off $15 An Hour

College is supposed to provide you the training and tools to get a good paying job with benefits. But I ended up living off of $15 dollars an hour… And even $14 an hour!

That was not the case for me. A series of choices and event led me to working for $15 and even $14 an hour in Boston, MA. One of the most expensive cities in America.

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Morning Routine For Success (Free Download)

morning routine

My morning routine has changed drastically in the last year. I went from being a college student, to working a full time (and underpaid) job, to working an insane amount of hours at a new job, to quitting that job, to taking on a temp job until I start graduate school. For the time being I have found a morning routine that will make anyone feel prepared and ready for a successful day.

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Top 10 DIY Body Butters

diy body butters

As fall is approaching here in the U.S.A. I personally reach for body butters. They are so much more moisturizing than regular lotion. I use them at night after a body scrub and use a pretty heavy hand. Body butters can be a  bit pricy… why not make your own DIY Body Butters to save some money and save yourself from dry skin…

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What Is Trichotillomania?

Check out My Depression Journey. I mention briefly my struggles of how my depression lead to Trichotillomania.

You may have come to this page either from searching Trichotillomania or just have a curiosity for all things medical (such as myself). I am not a medical expert, I am not a psychologist; what I am is a person with real struggles who finally decided to open to others. If I can provide an ounce of help to anyone, why not?

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DIY Fake Nails

diy fake nails

I was never the girl who was never had fake nails. I remember in highschool seeing girls with freshly manicured (acrylic and gel) nails on a weekly basis. Now, in high school I worked 2 jobs while playing sports and participating in the fine arts program. Those nails were either going to be too expensive, ripped off, or destroyed by the harsh painting chemicals we used.

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My Depression Journey

my depression journey

Depression has always been an unwelcomed friend. It’s isolating, it’s lonely, it’s cold. It fills your day with dread and invites you to take one too many days off from life. Depression has stolen time, money, happiness, friends and family from me.

I was 5 years old when I first felt sad all the time. I would hide in my room from my parents arguing and started to wind down the questions of “where’s Daddy?”. My room was my shelter filled with toys, crayons, and stickers. Those things couldn’t protect me from my mind. When I started being shuffled between one parent to another, that’s when I took a nose dive. I would cry and look at pictures of my mom and me together at the park, I would barricade myself into whatever room was deemed mine, and I would use toys as my amour when traveling making sure to bring as many as possible to recreate a sense of home. None of that shielded me. I was stressed, yet how does a kid know the words to tell their parents that? They didn’t understand anyways.

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