Motivation and Choices – How To Use Motivation To Make Strategic Life Choices


I was reflecting the other day over my life choices. Funny how things align in life in the most unexpected ways. I then thought how motivation and choices are tightly intertwined but no one ever talks about it. How motivation is the engine while choices are the drive. Without either surely something will fail down the road of life. First what I thought of was what was behind my motivation.

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Just Opened An Etsy Printable Shop

etsy collage

For Christmas, I had absolutely no idea what to get my roommates. For roommates, I always worry “Do they have this already? Will they like it? How can I give them something that is special?” Looking through countless stores I finally came up with a solution: a custom made framed print that will match both their personality and room. So I whipped out some in photoshop, found some awesome frames from Marshalls, wrapped them and BOOM: instant thoughtful gift. After I told them that I made them individually they suggested that I should open up an Etsy Printable Shop. After a month of brainstorming and some confidence gaining I finally opened one and making new printables every week or two. Below is the current sampling in my shop, check it out!

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Bite Beauty Lipstick Duo in Marmalade and Confection

bit lipstick dup packaging


I love a sale just like any other girl, and Sephora was having a 20% off sale back in December. Among the sale selection I saw this Bite Beauty Lipstick Duo in Marmalade and Confection and thought what a great opportunity to try a new brand without spending a lot money. They are essentially mini lipsticks which can turn some people off but then I think to myself, “how often do I actually use up a lipstick?”.

bite lipstick duo

Both of these colors are highly pigmented and glide on the lips smoothly. The only thing I would have to complain about is the staying power and how they feel like the dry out my lips towards the end of the day. I would definitely say applications throughout the day are needed. But since it was $8, I really can’t complain! If your wanting to try out new products, be sure to wait for the sale on sale at Sephora.

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ABH Brush #14

ABH #14 eyebrow brush

Eyebrows have been my little OCD habit that I shamelessly indulge in. From the time I knew how to say eyebrows I have played with, shaped, destroyed, tried to fix them. Only within the last two years did I discover Anastasia Beverly Hills and its power to transform eyebrows with several products that have launched recently. I have stayed with my Dipbrow for about two years now (review on that later…) and I swear by the power of how well groomed eyebrows can make a person go from hotmess to just hot. I have been using though a little rinky-dink brush I purchased in a kit of brushes which has served me well, but I thought an upgrade was needed.  The ABH Brush #14 has two ends; one end with a spoolie to groom hairs and the other end has a thin angled brush to create fine lines that mimic hairs. Both sides are pretty soft yet retain their shape after many uses and at $18, I would say its a fair price for any eyebrow connoisseur. I will be posting a video soon on how to use this weapon of #fleekness.

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Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

urban decay all nighter spray

Every girl wants her makeup to be flawless throughout the day, night, and maybe even next day depending. I have to say this Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray lasted through a New Year’s Eve night which consisted of working in finance during year end (aka the one year of your life where you reevaluate every possible situation that lead to pursuing a career in finance), a two hour commute on the most ratchet public transportation system, getting half a beer spilt on your cheek/hair, 2 creepy men basically spitting onto while talking (since all decency goes out the window at that point, including your salivation control), lots of kisses between college roommates, and through the least restful sleep I have gotten in my 23 years of life. The only thing that made me question this product was when I first spritzed it all over, it had an odd alcohol-like drying quality that actually made my face feel super warm/cold but not in the way alcohol in beauty products usually do. All weird vibes aside, run to Sephora and grab this.

Until my next post.

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Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

kat von d tattoo liner

After watching hours of Nikki Tutorials on Youtube, I finally decided to take the plunge and try out the heavily raved about Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. At $24 it’s a pretty penny for a liner so I was expecting some magic. Whatever kind of magic Kat Von D put in this product really did meet my expectations…

kat von d liner felt tip

The actual applicator is a felt pointed tip that will provide various weights of line depending on your mood. The product dried extremely fast and lasted almost to the point where I even thought I just tattooed liner on (public service announcement: NEVER GET PERMANENT MAKEUP. You’ll just look like a wrinkled clown when your older). But the actual color of the product was the most amazing, its a true matte, jet black. Though I’m pretty sure I could find something similar at a much lower price, the product (for now) will be my go to for perfect jet black winged liner.

Until my next post.

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Most Wanted Makeup Vanities

top 10 makeup vanities

Recently I have been planning out my dream vanity (if I win the lottery and somehow invest it all in a start up that becomes the next Google) and found these lovely gems on Pinterest. To see more of the most wanted makeup vanities around check out my Pinterest board here.

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I hope you feel inspired as I do. Don’t forget to check out my Pinterest for direct links to each of these gorgeous vanities.

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Top 5 Golden Globe Makeup

5 best golden globe makeup

Is it bad that I usually only watch celebrity studded events just to see the hair, makeup, and glamour? The rest means basically nothing to me. When I saw the following ladies, I was amazed how gorgeous each and everyone of them looked… So here they are, the top 5 golden globe makeup looks!


  1. Jennifer Lopez served us a luscious red glossed lip and simplistic eyes. Well played Jlo, well played.


2. Eva lips said girly and eyes screamed sexy.


3. Olivia Wilde’s eyes smoldered with shades of plum and rose.


4. Katy Perry’s fresh winged liner was paired perfectly with her Bridget Bardot hair.


5. Zendaya was radiant with a brownie pink lip and hydrated skin.

Can’t wait to possibly film some tutorials on these looks on these flawless ladies!

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